Diamond C

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Built for work. Made for play. Designed for you.

Diamond C, established in 1985, is know for their innovative approach and high-quality products. A key feature that sets them apart is their Engineered Beam Technology, which exemplifies their commitment to robust and efficient design. Another notable aspect of their trailers is the Difference Maker (DM) coating system, a unique product feature that ensures enhanced durability and longevity.

Happy Trailers is proud to represent Diamond C's unique products, and we're thankful for the opportunity to work closely with a manufacturer that share our values. Our team closely aligns with the Diamond C team to ensure a quick turnaround for custom orders, after-sale support you can count on, and the best selection of Diamond C products at our stores.

Reasons to Buy Diamond C

Engineered Frames

Engineered Frames

Unlike most trailers made with commonly used structural steel, Diamond C's engineering team has taken their products to another level by carefully designing and fabricating custom beams for all of their heavy-duty trailers (GVWR 16,000+).

Difference Maker Powder Coating System

One of the most common complaints from trailer owners is the paint durability on their steel trailer. Diamond C took a unique approach in designing their coating system to produce the best possible product for the user, not just the cheapest way to put paint on a trailer. They also offer a wide selection of colors, with custom colors available upon request.

Fully Integrated Wiring Harness

Fully Integrated Wiring Harness

Say goodbye to loose wires and traditional butt splices. Diamond C partnered with USA Harness Engineering to create an automotive grade wiring harness that is custom to each model and length. The plug-and-play design removes human error and allows for easy modifications when adding accessories.