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Trailers for the Working Man

Team MAXX-D is proud to be helping the blue-collar people of our country move stuff to make a living. Many hard-working Americans use Maxx-D trailers to build something great: Great farms, great construction projects, great memories, and great businesses.

Maxx-D believes that it is honest, hard working people that make our country great. MAXX-D Trailers is proof that the entrepreneurial spirit of the American people is still alive and well. Happy Trailers is proud to represent the values and focus of the Maxx-D team. We work hard to provide great service and support behind the Maxx-D brand.

Reasons to Buy Maxx-D

Engineered Frames

Family Owned

Maxx-D is a family-owned and run company that’s helping other families grow their businesses

Trusted by Thousands

Trusted by Thousands

Since 1999, Maxx-D has built over 100,000 trailers for the blue collar working people of America. They understand the blue collar way of life!

Innovative Products

Innovative Products

Maxx-D is known for their innovation and sleek design with popular trailers like the Drop-n-Load and air bag car hauler.