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Built for work. Made for play.
Designed for you.
Built for work. Made for play.
Designed for you.

Built for work. Made for play. Designed for you.

Established in 1985, Diamond C Trailers has become a leader of innovation in the trailer industry. Happy Trailers has been a Diamond C dealer since 2023, and we have quickly become one of their top dealers. They offer unmatched customer service, and custom options that cannot be found anywhere else.

We are a family owned and operated company that operates based on traditional family morals, including honesty, respect, humbleness, and pure integrity.

We offer a robust lineup of PREMIUM TRAILERS – ranging from car haulers and dump trailers all the way to heavy duty equipment, tilt, flatbed gooseneck, and step deck models. We distribute them through a vast network of over 100 Dealer Partners strategically placed throughout North America.



Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

— Dedicated, positive, ambitious

Work smarter, not harder.

— Thoughtful, creative, progressive

Quality wins the race.

— Accuracy, integrity, right the 1st time

We #DoWork – We show up and we put in the work to WIN! We challenge one another. We think critically and we create solutions. We find the way or we thoughtfully and creatively make the way when there is not one.
We do EXTRAordinary work.


Have courage and be kind.

— Honest, respectful, courteous

Love your neighbor.

— Caring, helpful, generous

Teamwork makes the dream work.

— Supportive, dependable, encouraging

And we #LoveStrong – We love and serve one another in the process and we WIN together. We value and respect one another as unique and gifted human beings. We are the epitome of teamwork makes the dream work!
Happy Trailers has been a proud dealer of PJ Trailers since 2013! With 10 years of history, we have become one of the largest PJ Trailer dealers in the country. We love the great lead times that PJ offers, and they have one of the best warranties in the industry.

Product Feature: DM Coating System

While many trailer manufacturers choose powder coat and finish processes based solely on their material and operating costs, we designed this “Difference Maker” Powder Coating System to produce extraordinary trailer finishes.

The mantra is simple: Improve everything. Sacrifice nothing.


We use a 6-step process to ensure our custom trailer powder coating is the best coating option for your trailer:


Each trailer frame is blasted with steel shot to remove the mil-scale and add an anchor profile for the primer to adhere to.


Then we wash them with a 5-stage wash process to clean the steel, add corrosion resistance, and balance pH.

  • Alkaline wash removes blast dust and oils
  • High-pressure rinse
  • Phosphate salt rinse inhibits rust and helps with paint adhesion
  • High-pressure rinse
  • Final sealing rinse is applied

All wash water is reverse osmosis (RO) purified to ensure consistency


Washed frames are promptly force-dried as they travel through our dry-off oven at 300 degrees. This prevents flash rusting and ensures that frames are primer-ready.


Ultra-corrosion-resistant Onecure Zinc Epoxy Primer powder coating is electrostatically applied to the entire trailer frame.


Smooth, high gloss, Onecure Technology Top Coat is electrostatically applied to the entire trailer frame.


The top coat is cured as the frame travels through our 165′ final-cure oven at 450 degrees. All steel surpasses 425 degrees to ensure complete curing of primer and top coat.

Learn More — DM Coating

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